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ACA is an Association that helps Asylum seekers and refugees to integrate properly in the British society. Hence, the skills we offer for training will help them fit well and integrate in the wider community. The courses and the celebration of Art and Artwork project we implemented, participants fill in evaluation form that stated that ACA should have the skills we have put forward.  The project is a result of the realization that Asylum Seekers and Refugees lack such skills. These activities will be open to all interested in the wider community. This will promote cohesion between Refugees community and the wider community.
The project goes a long way in bringing social inclusion.

The project establishes the range of required training and/or skills development
to increase skills and creativity. Arts is an ongoing culture that people in the wider
community readily identify with. Asylum seekers and refugees, being of different background and speaking different ethnic languages, also have different experiences. They have something to share with the local people. This project also offers social inclusion and cohesion with local people. The idea of the project is to help people to be more confident and creative so that in doing so they themselves encourage talent and raise standards. When people have learnt skills they build on their experiences to share culture with the wider community, therefore building positive relationships between people from different backgrounds.

ACA vision is to help Refugees to integrate properly in the UK and empower them with the skills that will help them to improve their life quality

ACA vison is also the capacity building of refugees and empower women 

ACA mission is to support disavamtaged and vulnerable Refugees and improve their life standard

ACA is fully aware of equal opportunities and the access needs, and respect that people have varying needs; hence the venues, which have been chosen for this project to take place in, have fully accessible to all. The consent has been gained from venues to be used and the professional tutors and volunteers involved.

All skills training will contribute toward improving people opportunities,health and welfare. for example IT will improve people opportunities, Art, cooking and music will improve people health and their mental health state. Interview and presentation skills and learning English language will boost self confident, morale, and self esteem.

While in the past ACA has organise work shop, IT, Art, Music, Dance,and English courses, It is our view that if we present them as six multi-skills training skills for work this can benefit the trainees in the more practical way. So then, the skills that
we put forward for training and learning are IT, Art, Music, Cooking, Simple English Language, Job interview and Presentation.

The IT skills training will offer a wide range of areas starting from learning the basic computer and its programs,Internet and ECDL. In music there will be professional coaching in Piano and guitar lessons. The Art, English,job interview and presentation and cooking will have sessions offer the qualified instructors.

ACA identifies the way of recruitment, defines and advocates for Refugees and Asylum seekers 

ACA provides information and sometimes training to refugees and Asylum seekers

ACA plan and implementes startegies to meet refugees needs. 

ACA avocates and lobbying for Refugees and black ethnic minorities.


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